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Looking back on InterWEIGHING2019

During July 10~12, 2019, InterWeighing2019 has been successfully held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. A total of 408 exhibitors took an active part in this fair. They came from 21 provinces in mainland China, as well as the USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Finland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Sri Lanka and China Taiwan and Hongkong.

At 9:45 a.m. on July 10, a grand opening ceremony of InterWeighing2019 was held in 1# Entrance Hall at SNIEC. Mr. Liu Xiaohua, President of CWIA, first gave an opening speech to the Exhibition. Then, Mr. Paul Dixon, Assistant Director of BIML and Mr. Roland Nater, President of ICG of CECIP respectively gave an opening speech wishing a complete success of the Exhibition.

InterWEIGHING2019 opening ceremony
 InterWeighing2019 opening ceremony

Organizer invited Mr. Du Tonghe, Secretary-General of CNLIC, Mr. Paul Dixon, Assistant Director of BIML, Mr. Ma Aiwen, Secretary-General of Chinese Society for Measurement, Mr. Roland Nater, President of ICG of CECIP, Mr. Shao Li, Pesident of SIMT, Mr. Steve Parkman, Vice President of SMA from USA, Mr. Bobjoseph Mathew, Vice-Director of METAS from Switzerland, Dr. Ji Wei, senior executive officer of NMO from United Kingdom, Mr. Yasuyuki Tanaka, the chair of JMIF Weighing Instruments Committee from Japan, Mr. Yang Mingxun, President of Taipei Measuring Instrument Association, Mr. Liu Xiaohua, President of CWIA , altogether 11 distinguished guests, cut the ribbon for the Opening Ceremony.

According to statistics, 408 exhibitors participated in InterWeighing2019. For the first time, the number of exhibitors exceeded 400, which is an increase of 38% compared with the 2018 event in Wuhan and an increase of 9% compared with the 2017 event in Shanghai. The exhibition area of InterWeighing2019 was nearly 30,000 square meters, which is an increase of 61% compared with the 2018 event in Wuhan and an increase of 5% compared with the 2017 event in Shanghai. In fact, the scale of InterWeighing2019 was the biggest in size compared with the previous events.

Nearly 50% of all exhibitors made their booths with custom-built, and with the area exceeded three-quarters of the total booth area. This showed that exhibitors attached great importance to the InterWeighing2019.

The number of exhibitors from Zhejiang is still the most, accounting for 25.2% of the total number, and their booth area still also is the largest, accounting for 26.7% of the total area; the number of exhibitors from Jiangsu accounts for 17.4% of the total number, and their booth area accounts for 19.2% of the total area; the number of exhibitors from Guangdong accounts for 13.5% of the total number, and their booth area accounts for 12.3% of the total area; the number of exhibitors from Shanghai accounts for 11.0% of the total number, and their booth area accounts for 11.7% of the total area; the number of exhibitors from Fujian accounts for 8.3% of the total number, and their booth area accounts for 11.0% of the total area. Totally, the number of exhibitors from the above five provinces of China accounts for three-quarters of the total number and their booth area accounts for four-fifths of the total area.

Among all the exhibitors, the number of members of China Weighing Instrument Association accounts for 61%, and the exhibition booth area accounts for 82% of the total area.

According to the statistics, visitors admissions to the InterWeighing2019 totalled over 11000. The visitorst came from 31 provinces of China Mainland and 80 countries & regions. 16% visitors were from Shanggai local; 74.5% visitors were from other regions of China Mainland; 9.5% visitors came from out of China Mainland. Among the visitors of China Mainland, there were 67% visitors who were from the east region of China. Among the oversea' s visitors, the countries & regions of visitors number over 20 were India, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, USA, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

On the afternoon of July 10 and the morning of July 11, two seminars were held in Conference Room E2-M17 of Shanghai New International Expo Center, including OIML certification, technical lectures, new product launches and new technology exchanges. The members of the Technical Expert Committee of CWIA, the members of China Weighing Instrument Standardization Technical Committee and some counterparts of weighing industry participated in the seminar.


During the exhibiting period, about 1000 Books "Weighing Technical Papers Collection" were distributed to professionals. The content of this book is divided into four parts: Overview, Load Cell & Indicator, New Technology and New Products, Standards & Verification. A total of 29 articles are included. Each of these papers has been carefully writed by the authors and carefully reviewed by experts, embodies the painstaking efforts of the authors and the hard sweat of the editors. These papers cover all fields of weighing instrument, and show the latest technological research results of weighing industry in an all-round way, which will be also the good guidance and reference for weighing industry.

The InterWeighing2019 focused on showing the newest weighing technology and products R&D by exhibitors from all around the world, which include all kinds of scales, balance, weighing system, indicator, load cell, weights, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument. These exhibits reflected the newest technological achievements of weighing industry in today's world, meanwhile, showed current development level of weighing industry in today's China.

Since 1995, China Weighing Instrument Association has organized 20 InterWeighing events in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Nanjing, Guangdong Dongguan and Wuhan. Lots of well-known manufacturers participated in these events as exhibitors. Many professionals and buyers from Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa visited these exhibitions. These exhibitions won good reputation which further promotes multilateral international exchanges and co-operations in the fields of weighing economy and technology.

After years of careful cultivation, the scale and influence of InterWeighing have been growing steadily. Today, InterWeighing has become the world's largest and highest international quality professional weighing instrument exhibition. The annual InterWeighing event has become the most grand annual industry event in the world. InterWeighing has strengthened the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation among the international weighing industry circles, and has helpfully promoted the development of global weighing products trade. In addition to being in 2009 global financial crisis there was a little decline, China's annual exports of weighing products increase at positive growth rate. In 2018, according to China Customs statistics, the export of weighing products has reached USD1.398 billion; it increased 5.2% than 2017.

The InterWeighing2019 was closed successfully. China Weighing Instrument Association will actively prepare for the InterWeighing2020. We believe that under the great support and active cooperation of the CWIA members and weighing enterprises, the InterWeighing will be getting more successes and getting better!

China Weighing Instrument Association
July, 2019

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