The Curtain of 2001China International
Weighing Instrument Exhibition Falls Successfully

Exhibition Date: May 13-15, 2001
Venue: Shanghai International Convention Center (Exhibition Hall I, Hall II)
             2727, Riverside Avenue, Pudong, Shanghai, P.R. China.

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Mr. Cao Liping, secretary general of CWIA, chaired the opening ceremony of INTERWEIGHING2001

The InterWEIGHING2001 took place in the Shanghai International Convention Center (SICC). '99Fortune Global Forum has ever been held successfully in SICC with the first-class exhibition facilities. The InterWEIGHING2001 was a resounding success and best ever with visitor attendance over 10000. The exhibitors came from American, Germany, Japan, Korea, Israel and Mainland China including Taiwan and Hongkong. The total boothes were over 180 that covered 3200 square meters. A seminar also was held during the exhibition.

A solemn opening ceremony was held at 9:30am on 13 May in the SICC' square. Mr. Cao Liping, secretary general of CWIA, chaired the ceremony. Mr. Zhang Jingyao, director general of CWIA, Mr. Wang Shun'an, China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Mr. Gao Jinwen, director general of Taibei Weighing & Measurement Commercial Association, Mr. Georg Berntsen, managing director of VDMA(Germany), Mr. Yan Long, general manager of China National Light Industrial Machinery Corporation, Mr. Zhang Shanmei, vice-president of China Light Industrial Union Council, Mr. Tom Luna, the delegate of International Society of Weighing and Measurement(USA) cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony.

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The Exhibition Hall of INTERWEIGHING2001

According to incomplete statistics, the visitors came from American, Germany, UK, Canada, Russian, Israel, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan and Mainland China including Taiwan and Hongkong. The InterWEIGHING2001 gained a high reputation from participators and further promoted international exchanges and cooperation in the fields of weighing economy and technology.


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Mr. Zhang Jingyao(CWIA) delivered the opening address Mr. Georg Berntsen(VDMA) delivered the opening address
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Mr. Gao Jinwen(Taibei) delivered the opening address Mr. Tom Luna(ISWM) delivered the opening address

Exhibitor List

Floor Plan

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Special Thanks

The organizer wish to thank the following companies for their support of INTERWEIGHING2001
项目符号 Yaohua Weighing System Co.
项目符号 Yamato(Shanghai) Scale Co., Ltd.
项目符号 Sanjifen Electronic Co., Ltd
项目符号 Shanghai Scales Accessories Co.
项目符号 Koli Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd.
项目符号 Wanji S&T Co., Ltd.
项目符号 702 Research institute of CASC
项目符号 HBM(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


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Mr. Zhang Jingyao(CWIA) and Mr.Hawlik(Germany) at the exhibition hall