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Looking back on InterWEIGHING2016

During April 20~22, 2016, InterWEIGHING2016 was held successfully in Chengdu Century City-New International Exhibition & Convention Center. A total of 282 exhibitors, who were from 21 provinces in Mainland China and from the United States, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Japan, South Korea,  and Chinese Taiwan & Hong Kong, enthusiastically participated in the exhibition.

At 9:30 on April 20, InterWEIGHING2016 is observed the grand opening ceremony in front square of the exhibition hall. Distinguished guests on the platform were from  AQSIQ, CNLIC, Vice-presidents of CWIA and representatives from OIML, CECIP, VDMA,  National Industrial Scale Association of USA, NMi, NMRO,  and UTICELL Group of Spain.

In opening ceremony, Mr. Liu Xiaohua, President of CWIA, Dr. Roman Schwartz, Vice-president of OIML and Mr. Roland Nater from CECIP  delivered the opening speech separately, and in speech words, they all wished InterWEIGHING2016 achieved a complete success.

 InterWEIGHING2016 opening ceremony

Organizer invited Mr. Liu Zhaobin, former Chief Engineer of AQSIQ, Mr. Du Tonghe, Vice Chairman of CNLIC, Mr. Zhang Yiqun, Deputy Director from Department of Metrology of AQSIQ, Mr. Songwei, President of China Metrology Association, Dr. Roman Schwartz, Vice-president of OIML, Mr. Roland Nater from CECIP, Mr. Hans Gunter Heil from VDMA, Mr. Lu Xinguang, Director of National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Weighing Instrument Products, Mr. Mao Shuonan, President of Jiangsu Institute of Metrology, Mr. Luo Qun, President of Mettler-Toledo China, Mr. Ricard Sabate from UTICELL Group of Spain, Mr. Liu Xiaohua, President of CWIA, altogether 12 distinguished guests, cut the ribbon for the Opening Ceremony.

According the statistics, there were 282 exhibitors in InterWEIGHING2016. The number decreased 63 than it in 2015. Compare with 345 exhibitors in 2015, there were 125 exhibitors who didn't joined in 2016, but 62 new companies as exhibitors joined in 2016. Moreover, among these 62 new exhibitors, 40 new companies were the first time to participate InterWEIGHING.

Among the exhibitors, there were half exhibitors who made custom-built booths and their area took up three quarters in total area. The others chose standard booth which area took up only one quarter in total area. It shows exhibitors paying more attention to the exhibition of 2016.

The booth area from Zhejiang's exhibitors was still the largest. Exhibitors’ number took up 23.4% in whole exhibitors’ number and took up 25.9% in area in whole exhibition area. Jiangsu,  Guangdong, Fujian provinces and Shanghai were the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. For above five provinces altogether 202 Exhibitors which took up 71.6% in total exhibitors’ number, and the area took up 77.7% in total exhibition area.

In all exhibitors, members of CWIA took up 58.5% in exhibitor numbers and took up 82% in exhibition area. Non-members took up 41.5% in exhibitors’ number and the area only took up 18%. There were 40 exhibitors who were the first time to attend the exhibition took up 14.2% in exhibitors’ number and took up 7% in exhibition area.

According to the statistics, more than 6000 visitors joined the exhibition who came from 31 provinces of China Mainland and 57 countries & regions. 19% visitors were from Chengdu; 68% visitors were from other regions of China Mainland; 13% visitors came from out of China Mainland. Among the visitors of China Mainland, there were 33% visitors who were from the southwest region of China, 29% visitors who were from the east region of China. Among the oversea' s visitors, the countries & regions of visitors number over 15 were India, Taiwan, Thailand, Iran,  Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Russia and Japan.

In exhibition period, organizer held one and half days <The 15th Weighing Technology Seminar & New Tech, New Products Press Conference> in the meeting booth which was built for the seminar in Exhibition Hall 8. Members of Technical Experts Committee of CWIA, Members of China Weighing Instrument Standardization Technical Committee and colleagues from weighing industry, altogether more than 500 people joined the Seminar. Main topics of the Seminar as below:

 The seminar in Exhibition Hall 8

During the exhibiting period, hundreds of “Weighing Technology Papers ” which were specially prepared for professional visitors were snapped up. 

The InterWeighing2016 focused on showing the newest weighing technology and products R&D by exhibitors from all around the world, which include all kinds of scales, balance, weighing system, indicator, load cell, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument. These exhibits reflected the newest technological achievements of weighing industry in today's world, meanwhile, showed current development level of weighing industry in today's China. Some of visitors have joined each InterWEIGHING events; each time they had new experiences and gains. Some foreign visitors have visited several weighing instrument companies in China; they are familiar with Chinese weighing instrument. After visited all types of weighing apparatuses in InterWEIGHING2016 in Chengdu, they gave a high evaluation to the development and result of Chinese weighing instrument industry for Reforming and opening-up policy. The exhibition also had been concerned of many users of weighing instruments. Many business people from metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, transportation, food, oil and other industrial systems, who used weighing instruments a lot, came to visit the exhibition in succession. Many trade companies and distributors came to the exhibition for trade talks with the exhibitor. In order to accelerate the pace of development, some weighing enterprises sent their staffs to the exhibition to get latest information, exchange experiences and explore potential cooperation. Many exhibitors and their customers signed supply contracts or intent contracts on the exhibition. They all expressed satisfaction with the exhibition, and commended the exhibition had a real effects in enterprises promotion, technology exchanges and products launch to markets. The exhibitors felt that they were reap a huge harvest from the exhibition, and showed intention to attend next event. They hope the organizer could promote the exhibition into a world-class level international professional exhibition. 

During the exhibition, we were surprise to see that National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Weighing Instrument Products, Jiangsu Institute of Metrology, Shandong Institute of Metrology, Fujian Institute of Metrology appeared in the exhibitor's list, what's more, they all were very active to participate the exhibition, in order to outstand the booth image, they all set the Custom-built booths. It shows that metrology verification institutes are gradually recognizing and defining them to be the servants, rather than the manager. They were starting to broadcast their sense of service through the platform to participate the exhibition. That those metrology verification institutes are joining was a major highlight.

In the preparation period of the InterWeighing2016, Took in consideration that after successful holding the exhibition in 1999, boss and staffs from Chengdu Exhibition & Convention Center were always following the each InterWeighing event, they were eager to let their Center be the venue to hold the InterWeighing again. In the same time, organizer thought about that Chengdu Century City-New International Exhibition & Convention Center is at present one of the best in exhibiting condition and utilizing efficiency, which is also the most mature exhibition and convention center in west region of China. Especially considering the needs of promoting the development of The West of China, organizer determined to move InterWeighing2016 to Chengdu city for tour showing. The organizer also fully estimated beforehand that Chengdu is far away from the concentration area of weighing instrument manufacturers- Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Guangdong. Meanwhile, the exhibition was also affected by the global economic environment, the exhibition scale would been shrinking one third in area, it was estimated the exhibition area would been 16,000sqm. The result of exhibition inviting work was basically in line with the expectation, the exhibition area reached 17,000sqm.

From 3,000sqm in 2001 to 26,000spm in 2013, InterWeighing continuously increased 18% in average annual growth in speed for the past more than ten years developing (In the same period, the average annual growth of the export volume of weighing instrument was about 16%). Now the area should be a stable developing period. In future, the exhibition area will keep above 20,000sqm in Shanghai, and it is normal that exhibition area will get smaller in other cities.

Since 1995, China Weighing Instrument Association has organized the InterWeighing for 17 times in Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Nanjing and Guangdong Dongguan. It strongly strengthens economic & technological exchanges and cooperation between China and international weighing industry. This made a tremendous contribution to introduce advanced technology and equipment for China weighing enterprises, to promote the production, process, technology advances, to speed up the adjustment of product structure and to promote the trade development. In recent years, in addition to being in 2009 global financial crisis there was a little decline, China's annual exports of weighing products increase at positive growth rate. In 2015, according to China Customs statistics, the export of weighing products has reached USD1.265 billion; it increased 1.62% than 2014. 

The InterWeighing2016 was closed successfully. China Weighing Instrument Association will actively prepare for the InterWEIGHING2017. We believe that under the great support and active cooperation of the CWIA members and weighing enterprises, the InterWEIGHING will achieve great success and get better!

China Weighing Instrument Association
May, 2016

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