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The InterWeighing2005 that was held in Shanghai Everbright International Exhibition Center between April 20–22, 2005 has gained unprecedented success due to the exhibition space, number of exhibitors and visitors both at home and aboard, presentation effect compared with the cases in the past years. More than 140 exhibitors come from America, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Israel, and Mainland China including Taiwan and Hongkong. The exhibition area for Interweighing2005 was 7000 square meters with 342 of standard booths. During the period of the exhibition, the 2005 Annual Meeting for China Weighing Instrument Association, the Fifth Seminar on China National Weighing Technology and the Presentation Meeting on New Weighing Technology and New Product and the first Seminar on Weighing Technology Used in Metallurgical Enterprises and on Weighing Technology for Rails were convened.

The opening ceremony for Interweighing2005

At 9:00am of April 20th 2005, the opening ceremony for Interweighing2005 was held formally on the central square of the Shanghai Everbright International Exhibition Center. Mr. Liu Xiaohua, secretary general of CWIA, chaired the opening ceremony and Mr. Cao Lipping, vice-president of CWIA, delivered his speech for the opening ceremony. Mr. Zhang Jingyao, president of CWIA, Mrs. Caroline Obrecht, president of CECIP (Europe), Mr. Lin Yufeng, president of Taibei Weighing & Measurement Commercial Association, Mr. Guo Dawei, general manager of Mettler-Toledo (Changzhou) Scale & System Ltd and the leader of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R. China cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony.

Left: Mr. Zhang Jingyao
Right: Mr. Lin Yufeng

The InterWeighing2005 was attached importance by the companies and distributors at home and abroad. The visitors to this exhibition came from 50 countries or more such as America, Germany, France, Canada, Agentina, Columbia, Bulgaia, Romania, Finland, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Chile, Portugal, Australia, Russia, Israel, Srilanka, Greece, South Africa, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Pakistan. A delegation of 30 people headed by Mr. Lin Yufeng, president of Taibei Weighing & Measurement Commercial Association, visited the Interweighing2005 on their special trip and presented a tablet for memory to China Weighing Instrument Association. The distributors in the sector and other fields such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanism, transportation, foodstuff, petroleum visited the exhibition when they heard. Nearly ten thousand people visited the exhibition.

The InterWeighing2005 was the sixth International Weighing Exhibition organized by China Weighing Instrument Association. The China International Weighing Exhibition has been appraised high by the insiders at home and aboard because that the exhibition is becoming larger than before on the scale with the growing good result. The export value of China weighing products in 2004 was increased by 40.78% over the past year, the achievements that were made contributed to the success of the exhibition to some extent.

The InterWeighing2005 closed successfully. We will be active in planning and preparing for the InterWeighing2006. The Interweighing2006 will be held near the beautiful West lake in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province, China in May 2006.

All of our friends both at home and abroad in the weighing industry, new and old are warmly welcome to join the InterWeighing2006.


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