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At 9:30 am on April 17, 2007, the 2007China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition (InterWeighing2007) was held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center. Although the original opening ceremony was forced to be cancelled because of a sudden spring rain, which did not affect the success of the exhibition. Compared with the previous years, the Interweighing2007 is largely improved in terms of its area, exhibitors and professional visitors and its effects.

The exhibition area for InterWeghing2007 was 14,000 square meters with the total booths over 640, and more than half of them were the custom-built booths. More than 240 exhibitors from United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Japan, Korea and Mainland China including Taiwan and Hong Kong enthusiastically participated in this exhibition. During the fair period, the Council meeting for China Weighing Instrument Association, the working conference for weighing standardization, the professional meetings for Rail-weighbridges, and the seminars for weighing new technology and new products were convened.

Mr. Song Wei, the deputy director of Metrology Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China; Mr. Jun-Ichiro Kashima, vice president of Japan Measuring Instruments Federation and Mr. Gavin Stones from the National Weights and Measures Laboratory of UK visited the exhibition on invitation and dozens of representatives from the ports, coal, steel and other industries were also invited by organizer.

On the seminars for weighing new technology and new products, Nanjing Tianxiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, Sartorius Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Chipsea Technologies Co., Ltd,  Holbright Weighing Systems Co., Ltd and so on presented detailed pictures of the research and development of new technologies and new products by themselves. Main content:

  • Order professional printing and coding software to enable weighing equipment to be integrated with printing system, thus forming a whole set of solutions that work according to the customers instruction and items weighed; 

  • Innovative structure of truck scales --- Sharing energy-saving society;

  • Introduce a high-precision ADC chip with excellent price-performance ratio and its own intellectual property of domestic, as well as how to use to electronic scales;

  • Digital --- the application, principle and operation about Module, Load Cell, Junction Box.

General Measure Science & Technologies Co., Ltd took the great opportunity of the Exhibition to hold an International guest meeting. Wonderful speech and rich content presented on the seminars and the International guest meeting enjoyed great popularity, attracting a large audience. The whole hall was packed.

The InterWeighing2007 used the advanced visitors present information management system. It is estimated that the number of professional visitors amount to 10,000 people, of whom non-local visitors from the Mainland China accounted for 53%. Overseas, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan accounted for 12%. The visitors to the Interweighing2007 from 63 countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, S. Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Russia, Britain, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Germany, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Korea, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, Philippines, UAE, Israel, Iran, Vietnam, Bangladesh and China Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, visited the exhibition. On the exhibition each of the participating units conducted fruitful information and technical exchanges and trade negotiations.

For InterWeighing2007, the organizer meticulously published <2007China Weighing Instrument Guide> (Exhibitors List) and <Weighing Technology>. <2007China Weighing Instrument Guide> give in English and Chinese a detailed introduction of all exhibitors and their products. <Weighing Technology> was covered 300 pages by 44 latest papers written by technical experts in weighing field. These papers have high practical value and reference and win the warm welcome from exhibitors and visitors. On the afternoon of April 18th, a colloquium for the foreign exhibitors and visitors was held. Organizers gave a brief introduction of the exhibition at the meeting brought up much suggestions and ideas on how to improve the future of the exhibition.

The InterWeighing2007 displayed new products, new technologies, a variety of non-automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments, scales, balance, load cell, indicator, weighing system, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument, which basically reflects new fruits of the development of international weighing industry. The exhibition attracted much concern from many users of weighing instrument. Some business people from metallurgical, chemical, machinery, transport, food, oil and other industries who use weighing instrument visited the exhibition in succession, and done the trade. In order to accelerate the pace of development, some weighing enterprises sent their staff to the exhibition for visit and study, experiences exchange and cooperation. During the exhibition many exhibitors and customers signed contracts, expressing satisfaction of participating in this exhibition. The exhibition produced a real effect in performing technical exchanges and pushing the products to the markets. They felt they are much benefited from it, and showed the wish to attend the next exhibition. They hoped the organizer could put the exhibition into a world-class level of international professional exhibition.

Since 1995, all the International Weighing Exhibitions organized by China Weighing Instrument Association made a tremendous contribution to the promotion of the development of the weighing industry; strengthen the inter-enterprise exchanges and cooperation. Meanwhile, these exhibitions were conducive to the promotion of China's foreign trade development and the expansion of the exports of China's weighing products. At present, China's annual exports increase at a double-digit growth rate. In 2006 the exports sum has reached 547 million US$, increasing by 14.05% than last year.

The InterWeighing2007 closed successfully. China Weighing Instrument Association will actively make preparations for the Interweighing2008. We believe, under strong support and active co-operation from CWIA members and weighing enterprises, China International Weighing Instrument Exhibition will be done more successfully.

The InterWeighing2008 will be held in Qingdao, China on April 22-24, 2008. If you would like to be an exhibitor, please apply for booths from September 10, 2007.

Welcome to InterWEIGHING2008 !


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