Raw Space also called Custom-built Booth ----- the organizer provide only booth area, does not contain any configuration. Exhibitors must authorize a exhibition service company which registered in China with China construction qualification to build the booth.

For custom-built booth, the exhibition service company authorized by exhibitors should do the procedure to the service provider authorized by the organizer in the following:

The above procedures for handling time and more specific requirements, and the relevant power supply, construction management fees charging standards will be described in detail in the <exhibitors' manual>.

More rules for Custom-built Booth:

Examples of Custom-built Booth

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Organizer recommends below companies to be the “booth construction designers & custom-built services”

OrientBetter Exhibition (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Address: A503 No.98, E.3rd Ring Rd South,
                 Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact: Mrs. Yue Yongzhen
Tel:  +86-18310868100
Fax: +86-10-87310977
Email: Joanna.yue@enginechina.com.cn

Beijing Booming International Convention & Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Address: Rm. 209 LIFENG SOHO,
                 Building 4-C, Yuqiao Xili,
                 Tongzhou District, Beijing
Contact: Mr. Zhu Xinyu
Tel: +86-13910086060
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Email: info@bjbooming.net
Web site: www.bjbooming.net