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Hotels around the Shanghai New International Expo Center are often fully booked during peak exhibition season, so it is recommended that you choose a hotel near a subway station along the Shanghai Metro line. The subway transportation in Shanghai is very convenient, even if you choose a hotel far from the exhibition venue, you can get to the exhibition venue quickly by taking the subway. You can find a hotel that suits you through booking websites such as Trip.com, and it will be more convenient for you to book a hotel by yourself. Shanghai Subway Map

If you still need hotel reservation service, you can contact Shanghai Yi Liu Convention and Exhibition Services Ltd., they will offer the better available hotel with better available rate for you. Please kindly find contact detail down below:
Mr. Zheng
Shanghai Yi Liu Convention and Exhibition Services Ltd.
Mobile: +86 13520786392; +86 18516259589
Email: 272102657@qq.com


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