InterWEIGHING2008        April 22-24, 2008       Hall 1 & Hall 2, Qingdao International Convention Center                 

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Shandong Taishan Scale Co., Ltd. Ohaus Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Sifang Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Tianchen Scale Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Teraoka Electronic Co., Ltd. Anyload Weighing Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Ningbo Sharpin Electronics Co., Ltd. Qingdao Haiyida Scale Co., Ltd. Beidaihe Xieli Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Changzhou Xingyun Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Chengdu PRIS Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Huaheng Instrument Co., Ltd. Guangdong Huapu Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd. Transcell Technology Inc. Fuzhou Fuheng Electronics Co., Ltd. Tianjin Dertork Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Lisite Industry Co., Ltd. Shandong Liaocheng Huake Electronics Co., Ltd. Penglai Measuring Instrument Components Manufactory Putian Yatai Metrical Instrument Co., Ltd. A&D (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. Changsha Supmeter Technological Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Haichuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Tianjin Huabei Weighing Apparatus Factory Yongkang Huaying Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Qinhuangdao Nova Electronic Co., Ltd. Timefair Industrial Limited BlueArrow Weighing Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Hongli Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Kehuijie Electronic Scale Ltd. Ruima Electric Manufacturing (Putian) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Fuda Electronic Equipment Factory Beijing True-Tec Co., Ltd. Fushun Yuchen Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Beijing Forcell Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Kerndy Electronics Co., Ltd. Xiamen Uniweight Precision Co., Ltd. Beijing Flintec Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Saimo Group Co., Ltd. Bright Advance Corporation Yuyao Pacific Weight Engineering Co., Ltd. Adam Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Bonomo Bel (Shanghai) Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. Xiamen Hengx Scale Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Jinli Electronic Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd G&G Measurement Plant Manufacture Beijing Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. Xiamen Loadcell Technology Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Scale Electronics Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Amput Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Tianhe Electronic Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Koli Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. The Weighing Apparatus Sensor Research Institute of Changsha Changzhou Yubo Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Furi Weighing Electronics Co., Ltd. Changzhou Want Balance Instrument Co., Ltd. Yuyao Jiming Weighing Machine Co., Ltd. Shanghai Benhong Electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Chipsea Technologies Co., Ltd. Yongkang Xinfeng Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Danaher Setra- ICG (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Hengxin Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai Sunny Hengping Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Nanjing Ningli Machinery Factory AVIC I Taiyuan TAICO Electron Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai LongTec Co., Ltd. Qingdao Haifeng Water-proof Electronic Units Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Furi Electronics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huade Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Penglai Shuiling Counterweight Factory Yantai Jingyi Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Kuanyi Electronic Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. ShangDeLi Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Changshu Balance Instrument Co., Ltd. Shunde Topwe Electronic Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Richen Electron Co., Ltd. Huzhou Jingli Transducer Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Libra Weighing & Control Equipment Co., Ltd. Yuyao Jinnuo Balance Instrument Co., Ltd. Yuyao Sensor Factory Co., Ltd. Changshu Yiou Ever-Bright Apparatus Co., Ltd. Yongkang Fenghua Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai Ishida Electronic Scales Ltd. Hangzhou Dingsong Automatic Instruments Co., Ltd. Highdream Intellectualized Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yantai Junjie Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shanghai Caisun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Huazhi Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd. Wuyi Dahe Electronic Co., Ltd. Changshu Goldengoat Counter Poise Instrument Co., Ltd. Changzhou Daheng Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Minheng Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Wantai Weighing Systems Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Nanhua Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Yamato Scale Co., Ltd. Hanyu Electronic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Yongkang PingAn Weighing Apparatus Factory Tianjin 609 Cable Co., Ltd. Shanghai Junmao Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Shanghai Qianfeng Electronic Instruement Co., Ltd. Beijing Yuxiang Electronic Co., Ltd. Yongkang Xianfeng Electric Accessories Factory Shanghai Wanning Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. Sunmoon Technology Delelop Group Changshu Qinghua Electronics Co., Ltd. Changhou Hener Weighing Equipment Co., Ltd. Changzhou Xudong Weighing Apparatus Fittings Co., Ltd. Dongxing Renhe Weighing Apparatus Factory Shanxi Lichuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Thunder Precision Resistor Co., Ltd. Foshan Zhunzi Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Changxin Electronics Co., Ltd Yongkang Zhengya Weighing Apparatus First Factory Shanghai Yongheng Electrical Measuring Instruments Factory Cixi Tiandong Weighing Apparatus Factory Jiangsu Aspire Industry Co., Ltd. Qingdao Dongya Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. Nanjing Sanai Autocontrol Equipment Co., Ltd Yongkang Hanming Loadcell Factory Shanghai Yiqin Electronics Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Shengfa Equipment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Everight Electronic Co., Ltd. NTS Instrument (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. Changshu Lark Balance Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Blue&Angel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Siam Scales & Engineering Co., Ltd. Fidelity Measurement Co., Ltd. Ningbo Dunsun Machines Co.,Ltd. Kewei Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jinghai Instrument Co., Ltd. Changzhou Dekai Electronics Co., Ltd. Beijing Sartorius Instruments & System Engineering Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Taiyu Enterprise Co., Ltd. Hamilton Precision Metals Kunshan Jincheng Electronic Apparatus Factory Zhengzhou Yatai Electronic Scale Co., Ltd. Changzhou Hongheng Electronics Instrument Factory Beijing Nengke Technology Co., Ltd. Unipulse Corporation Fuzhou Kejie Electronic Scales Co., Ltd. Dahua (Xiamen) Weighing System Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lineng Electronic Instrument Corp. Novamach Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Dini Argeo S.r.l Yixing Silvanus Electric Manafacture Co., Ltd. Rinstrum Henan Jinmai Technology Development Co., Ltd. SPX-GSE Corp Shenzhen Yingzhijian Technology Manufactory Limited Changzhou Delta Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Evernew Electronics Co., Ltd. Benxi Yuntong Precision Measuring Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. PFREUNDT GmbH Chongqing Tectron Technologies Ltd. Shanghai Shanying Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Changzhou Qichuang Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. LWL (Asia Pacific) Limited Zhejiang Caozon Industrial Co., Ltd. Precisa International (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Zhongshan YESHM Commodities Co., Ltd. Jadever Scale Co., Ltd. Zhangzhou Yujie Electronic Co., Ltd. Shanghai Haikang Electronic Instrument Factory Shanghai Broadtechs Technology Co., Ltd. Zhuhai Chimei Electronics Co., Ltd. Yantai Dongfang Electronics Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Nanjing Lianjun Weighing System Co., Ltd. Kangkerui Instruments Co., Ltd. Urano Industria de Balanca e Equipamentos Ltda Hangzhou Henglian Electronic Measuring Instruments Co., Ltd. Ningbo Xinlan Electric Appliances Co., Ltd. Smart Equipment Private Limited Luoyang Oriental Nobel Electrical Co., Ltd. Jiaxing Guoli Weighing Apparaturs Co., Ltd. Changzhou Linuo Electronic Weighing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. Huadong Electronic Instrument WorksChengdu Huoan Measure Technical Center Ningbo Hanshi Measurement Co., Ltd. Zhongshan Aotesai Electronic Co., Ltd. Henan Wanli Weighing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Tianjin Huntere Wire & Cable Co., Ltd. Ningbo Fenjin Electronic Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. XiAn Mingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hardy Instruments Asia Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Ltd. Shenzhen Simple Electronics Co., Ltd. Tongling Kexing Computer Technology Co., Ltd. Henan Tiancheng Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd. Shenyang Luer Digital Weighing System Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Shuxingxing Weighing Apparatus Technology Co., Ltd. Xianghe Beiwutun Metrologic Instrument Factory Tianjin Tianma Instruments Factory Changzhou Tianzhiping Instruments Co., Ltd. Ningbo Ningshing International Inc. Changchun Testing Machine Co., Ltd. Tangshan Boda Weight Factory
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